Welcome to my blog! The Ultimate Ubuntu Experience

November 1, 2007 at 6:32 pm 1 comment

Welcome! The primary goal of this blog will be to share my Ubuntu Experience with other Ubuntu users. I’m running Ubuntu & Windows Vista dual-boot and it’s working perfectly without any problems. In fact, I spend more time on Ubuntu than on Windows Vista now. I’m still new to Linux and I hope that I will become familiar with Ubuntu in the future. I’m running on GNOME(Don’t really know what exactly it is) with a Mac OSx Theme from project MacLin. Anyways, I’II be updating my blog regularly and please check back for updates. Here is a screenshot of my Ubuntu.

Screenshot of my Ubuntu!


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A replacement for Windows NotePad

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  • 1. Leo  |  March 7, 2008 at 4:39 am

    If you haven’t yet figured out what Gnome is…

    Let’s see if I can do this by analogy… Ubuntu and all of the Distros are like DOS from back in the day. The graphics, images and icons that you see are called the Graphical user interface (GUI), like Windows 98 that still had DOS in the background.

    The neat thing about the GNU/Linux project is that it can have many different versions of the “Windows 98” layer over the ‘DOS’ layer of the computer. If you really want to, you can download the other desktops, like KDE, Fluxbox, or Enlightenment, and select them at the login screen. (They are available under Sessions on the Login Screen)

    I have tried more than a few of them, but I keep gravitating back to Gnome. It may be slightly slower than the ultralight ones, but It seems to be the most complete and bug free to me. Gnome’s main rival in the complete and large category of Desktops is KDE. KDE is just fine as a desktop, it is very much like Windows XP in layout. I just did not like it because it always seems so cluttered to me. I am a minimalist when it domes to my desktop space. I like it clean and icon free.

    I am having a blast with Ubuntu as well. I have only been playing with it for a few months, but I have nearly completely migrated away from Windows. It is amazing what just a few months of tinkering can teach ya.


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Hi, Welcome to my Experience Ubuntu blog. In this blog, I will be testing out some of the best open source softwares available in Ubuntu. I just want to share my experience with everyone.

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