Program your own Ubuntu programs.

November 3, 2007 at 12:33 am Leave a comment

Do you want to become a programmer and don’t know where to start? The program that I’m going to talk about today is FreeBASIC which is a free, open source, 32 bit BASIC Compiler which allows you create graphical use interface programs as well as console applications.. The language is similar to Microsoft’s QuickBasic. As a programmer myself, it’s good to start with a BASIC language and then move on to the new Object-Oriented language. Once you learn BASIC, it will make your life easier when you’re learning C++, C# or Java. Official Web Site

I started learning Microsoft Visual Basic and then I moved on to do a little Java and then I’m learning C# in college right now.  I will be returning to Java next year.  Personally, I think it takes alot of practices and hard work to be a good programmers.


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