Microsoft offering Office Ultimate for just $59.95

This is a little off topic but it’s a great offer from Microsoft, it’s for students who posses a valid email address or be enrolled at an educational institution supported by the promotion (A complete list of education institution supported can be found at the official web site).  So that’s all the college and university students in the U.S, Canada, UK & more!   For complete details & eligibilitym, please visit the offer site from Microsoft.    So what do you get with the Microsoft Office Ultimate? A whole lot of programs:

Access 2007, Accounting Express 2007, Excel 2007, InfoPath 2007, Groove 2007, OneNote 2007, Outlook 2007, Powerpoint 2007, Publisher 2007 & Word 2007

Offer ends April 30, 2008!

I would only buy it if you need it for educational learning purpose, otherwise get OpenOffice, it’s the best!

For Linux user, OpenOffice is a great alternative to Microsoft Office.  Personally I use OpenOffice alot and it’s recomended to everyone.  It’s the best office suite available for free.  OpenOffice is also available in Windows!  Support Open Source Softwares All THE WAY!!


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Make your Ubuntu look like a Mac.

Ever want to make your Ubuntu look like a Mac.  There’s a project called Mac4Lin which offers complete tutorial to make your Ubuntu look like a Mac.  Click here to access Mac4Lin project web site.  Click on the “Download Mac4Lin” button and all the necessary files are there including a complete visual instruction in PDF file format.

The result: screenshot.png

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Get a Dock like a Mac!

Do you want to make your Ubuntu like a Mac with a really nice animated Dock. The one I have installed is called Avant Dock, it’s really good and I haven’t had any problems with it. This dock also supports many applets to be displayed on the dock, such as (Weather Applet, Trash Applet,Clock, Battery Applet) and many more. You can also add launcher to it, simply by just dragging & dropping. This dock can be installed using the Synaptic Package Manager.

This is a screenshot of my dock in Ubuntu


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Download videos off YouTube

YouTube-dl is a command line program that allows you to download videos off Youtube.  I didn’t try this program so I don’t have much information about it.  Offcial Website

This program can be installed using Synaptic Package Manager.  For instructions on how to use it, you can visit the official website.

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Picking the right color!

From designing a web site to painting your bedroom, selecting the right color is crucial and for those of us who don’t have the creativity of an artist, this program called Agave will help us to select the right color.  Just select a color and a color scheme will be shown to you, you also have the ability to select different kind of color scheme such as complements, split-complements, triads, tetrads, Analogous and Monochromatic.  Agave can be installed through Synaptic Package Manager.agave.png

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A clipboard manager

Introducing Glipper, a clipboard management tool available in Ubuntu.  This little tool maintains a history of text copied to the clipboard.  So instead of replacing the previous data, it maintains a list of all the text copied to the clipboard so you can choose which one to paste.  Let me show you an example:

Without Glipper:

When you copy the text “SAM” to clipboard and then copy the text “Ubuntu” to clipboard, “SAM” will be replaced by “Ubuntu”.

With Glipper:

When you copy the text “SAM” to clipboard and then copy the text “Ubuntu” to clipboard, Glipper will create a list of these two items.  When you press Ctrl + V, “Ubuntu” will be pasted, when you press Ctrl + ALT + C, a list will be shown.  So you can select either “SAM” or “Ubuntu” to paste.

I hope that makes sense. This is a screenshot of Glipper’s preferences window.


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Running Windows Application in Ubuntu/Linux

WINE, a program in Linux which allows you running Windows Application in Ubuntu, that’s right, running an .exe application in Linux.  WINE does not require Microsoft Windows to run Windows program and it’s available through the Synaptic Package Manager for easy installation.  Examples of Windows programs that run under WINE are Winrar, Dreamweaver, Grand Theft Auto & many more.  For a detailed list of programs, Please visit the WINE Application Database

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